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Desmond By Charlie Bears

Desmond the donkey is a real Gentleman and made from six different soft plushes in shades of donkey grey and cream. His large ears and mane along with his hoof detail are the finishing little touches we have added to this perfect little dependable donkey. His gentle look means he will be your lifelong companion. He was created for James one of our Head bears here at Charlie Bears as he adores Donkeys and has adopted one locally called Desmond so when it came toTeddy X Factor and the naming ceremony we have here at the Bearhouse it was easy as we already had his name. Charlie has an adopted donkey too which also may someday make it into the collection as he is called Teddy.

Height:  35cm/14in

Ages:  3+

Price:  £48.00

Handwash carefully with cold water


Code CB165118

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