Mud Magnet

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Mud Magnet By Charlie Bears

Mud Magnet, is a part of our brand new “Puppy Love” mini series within our plush collection. When designing him we knew he had to be soft filled and weighted as such that when picked up he felt like a real life puppy dog. His plush is a mixture of soft white and brindle browns and the jointing we have used makes him feel playful as he can be positioned in many different poses. He has oversized paws (as all new puppies do) and the cutest little face with a tiny hand stitched nose. To complete his look we gave him a dapper blue ribbon. There are two other little ones in this years litter Best Friend and Trix who also feature in the 2016 part 1 catalogue they really do feel amazing but be warned as once you have one of our gorgeous puppies in the palm of your hand you will find it incredibly difficult to place them back down!!


Length:  28cm/11in

Ages:  3+

Price:  £45.00

Handwash carefully with cold water




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