Elephant Party Mobile

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Elephant Party Fm 71
Three huge elephants. A red one, a yellow one, and a blue one comfortably trundling along together. With the mobile are three baby elephants (not suspended) suitable for bookmarks etc. The ideal gift for a baby. Once upon a time there were three elephants, a red, a yellow and a blue one. All the other elephants were grey, but these three elephants were not like the others. When they were growing up, they were often teased because they were different. This made them very sad. Each and one of them thought the they were the only ones like this. But then, one warm day during summer, they met each other and became best friends. They were no longer alone, and decided to travel around the world together..

Design: Ole Flensted
Size: 35 x 63 cm
Material: Serigraphical Foil

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