We have a wide variety of performers available, suitable for any event imaginable. Many of the entertainers will offer a combination of performance such as Stilts with juggling and balloons. Please let us know your requirments and we wiil find the right entertainer for you.

Clowns will work almost anywhere! - shopping centres, dinners, gala days, either as walk-about or a performance. If you require a clown show please stipulate when you book as they bring different equipment for particular events.

Balloon Modellers
Balloon modellers are much the same as clowns only they don't wear a red nose! and can be used at most venues.

Stilt Walkers

Stilt Walkers

Stilt walkers and unicyclists can be booked out on their own or with a juggler and consideration must be given to the surface where they are performing. They are not very happy on cobbles, hills etc. Please specify which act you require.

Jugglers are multi-talented and come with various juggling props.

Fire Jugglers

Fire Performers

Fire jugglers can only perform outside. Please note if there is a strong wind or rain on the night, the fire jugglers cannot perform.
Magicians are multi-talented, can be used in almost any situation, again please specify if you require walk-about or a magic show.
Face Painters
Face painters can work anywhere, but must have tables and chairs provided at site.

Puppeteers can work either outside or inside but cannot compete with loud music etc.
Cartoonists are best in a more intimate setting, require tables and chairs on site.
Caricaturists are best in a more intimate setting, require tables and chairs on site.

Santa Claus
He works best at Christmas!!

For further information please contact us through the contact page