Jack in the Box / Spinning Tops

Jack in the Box / Spinning Tops

Jack in the Box

A classic, favourite tin toy! When the handle is turned, the melody "Pop Goes the Weasel" plays. At the end of the tune the lid pops open and a figure, usually a clown or a jester pops up. This usually provokes hoots of laughter in children of all ages!

Spinning Tops

Todays Spinning/ Humming Tops are based on victorian pump gyro tops but with  modern materials. Modern  decorated metal tops are simple to use by small (& big) children. When plunger is pushed down the humming top begins to spin and makes a humming noise. The more the plunger is pushed up and down the faster the top turns and the louder it hums.

Schylling Toys

Most of the Tops and Jack-in-the-Box stocked by The Big Top are manufactured by Schylling. Since their founding over 30 years ago, they have been dedicated to bringing joy to all who play with their products. They continue to specialize in Classic Toys. There is timelessness to Schylling toys. Continually updating  products allows them to never go out of style. Commitment to Quality and Safety has always been given the highest priority at Schylling.

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Jester Jack In The Box

Product no.: Schy-20288

Jester Jack In The Box Schy 20288. Brings smiles to every child's face. Turn handle to hear the song & pop! its a Jester. Ages 18m+

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Goki Kaleidoscope

Product no.: Schy-22377

Goki Tin Kaleidoscope. Point at a light, look through the peep hole at a world of colourful patterns. Ages 3+