Brio Accessories. A wide range of toys to enhance a childs (of all ages!) experience with Brio. Stimulate your childs imagination with Airplanes, Safari Crossings, Double Suspension Bridges, Dynamite Tunnels. Create problem solving strategies & lateral thinking. Does this fit here? What bits of rail will connect this Parking Garage to that Signal Station? The possiblities are limitless.

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Freight Ship & Crane Wagon

Product no.: 33534

Container Ship and Crane Wagon 33534. Sail the high seas with this 4 piece shipping set. Boat, multi function crane & two loads. Ages 3+



Freight Goods Station

Product no.: 33280

Freight Goods Station 33280.  Lift load off with the arm,  drop onto chute,  press button,  it slides down onto truck, Ages 3+

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Collapsing Bridge

Product no.: 33391

Collapsing Bridge 33391. The train getting closer to the bridge, unaware it is about to collapse! Press the red button & watch. Ages 3+


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Low Level Crane

Product no.: 33245

Low Level Crane 332145. The solid crank & built-in magnet lift create opportunities for many lifting & loading games.

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Central Fire Station

Product no.: 33833

Fire Station 33833. Are you ready for action. When the alarm goes, slide down to the fire truck, Lights & Siren on & Go! Ages 3+


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Starter Track Pack B

Product no.: 33394

Starter Track Pack B 33394. Combine Railway Starter Pack A & Track Pack B, you can now build many different layouts. Ages 3+

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Lifting Bridge

Product no.: 33757

Lifting Bridge 33757.  Turn the handle to lift the bridge. Now the boat can pass, lower the bridge & trains can travel over. Ages 3+


Double Suspension Bridge

Product no.: 33683

Double Suspension Bridge 33683. BRIO’s longest bridge takes trains on a journey across the water. With wooden tracks & ramps. Ages 3+

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Tower Crane

Product no.: 33320

Tower Crane 33320. When things get heavy down at the track, you’ll be glad to have the BRIO tower crane on hand. Ages 3+


Record & Play Station

Product no.: 33578

Record & Play Station 33578. Hear your own voice doing the railway announcements? Buttons for recording & playing messages. Ages 3+


New Curved Bridge

Product no.: 33699

Curved Bridge 33699. A cool bridge, think of all the new layouts you can build going over and under the bridge. With two elevated ascending tracks. Ages 3+

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Sawmill Play Set

Product no.: 33774

Sawmill Play Set 33774. Ready? Here comes the next train loaded with timber. Unload at the sawmill. Ages 3+


Speaking Station

Product no.: 33580

Speaking Station 33580. Paris, Berlin or New York? This station lets you know exactly where you are. Ages 3+


Viaduct Bridge

Product no.: 33351

Viaduct Bridge 33351. Going straight ahead does not have to be boring. Why not add a classic viaduct? Made of FSC wood. Ages 3+


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Train Station

Product no.: 33745

Train Station 33745. All aboard! This new train station makes waiting for the train a happening in. Ages 3+