THE BIG TOP SHOWCASE is a series of elements which culminate in a performance, parade or demonstration, depending on what the group decide. Each element is based on 2 instuctors for 2 hours with the same 30 children. We can increase the number of participants and the length of time for each element as desired. Showcases are usually held over 3, 4 or 5 days.


Circus Showcase

The Big Top Circus Showcase ends in a Circus 'Event' at the completion of the elements. Children are taught:  Basic Circus Skills - plate spinning, juggling and diabolos;  Balloon Modelling - learning a selection of animal sculptures;  Advanced Circus Skills - pedalgoes, stilt walking, tight rope (if appropriate) & advanced juggling;  Circus Make Up - learning how to paint a partner as a clown, strongman, tightrope artist, etc;  Circus Banner/Flag Making - designing flags and banners for use at the Circus Showcase and a Brush Up workshop where the children put on the finishing touches and rehearse for the Circus Showcase.

The children parade using the equipment, flags, and banners, or have a show or demonstration. They decide. This gives a chance to let family and friends see what they have been doing each week, and give the children something to work towards. The Circus Showcase Day is fun and everyone is involved including the instructors (who will be there to join in as circus performers).


Kite Making Showcase

Introduction to kites and kite making also 'Recycled Kites'. Make two different styles of kites and after making each kite, go outside and show the children how to fly the kite. Two different types of kites to be made, one from tyvec which the children can decorate and one from bin bags. They will also be taken to out to fly the kites. A more advanced kite with tyvec & glass fibre, joining kites in a kite arch. A 'Community Kite' usually a  traditional Japanese kite approx. 7 ft. built in advance. The children then decorate the kite to be flown with the children's help on 'the Big Day'. A reminder of the workshops which can be left on display in a designated Centre.

THE BIG KITE FLY Bring the kites previously made and fly them. We will make more kites for any child who hasn't got a kite and bring some of our own 'special' kites which our instructors will demonstrate and fly.


Clown Showcase

The Clown Showcase provides the children with great fun whilst learning about all aspects of clowning. They are taught:  Circus Skills and Routines - the basics of juggling, plate spinning, pedalgoes, diabolos and simple clown routines;  Balloon modelling - the bends, twists and folds of animals and different sculptures;  Magic tricks - to be incorporated into your clown routine;  Face painting and costumes - design your own clown face and create a clown costume (noses are included!!); Clown skits - preset scripted routines to be used in the performance; Rehearsal - final preparation and run through for the main event

A show or display is a fitting end to all the hard work put in by the children and will give family, friends and guests the chance to see and be amused by the children. Actual structure of showcase will be agreed by all concerned & the instructors will be on hand as well as joining in the event.