BRIO_girl_mom_trains BRIO is one of the world’s leading  manufacturers of wooden toys. BRIO makes  wooden toys that are both educational and  fun to play with. The toys are characterized by  their timeless design, high quality and respect  for craftsmanship and the products  themselves. BRIO’s uncompromising outlook  on quality and function means the company  develops toys that are not simply fun to play  with  but also satisfy children’s educational  needs in various phases of their development.  Many of BRIO’s toys are now modern classics  that are handed down from generation to  generation.

 Railways that keep children’s development on  track

 Our wooden railways have always been a  classic of ours. The range holds an endless  amount of tracks, trains and accessories that  encourage children’s creativity. And besides  being fun to play with,  while building and re-  building children practice their logical  thinking  and motor skills too. Choo choo!

 How do I get started building my railroad?
 An easy and exciting way to start building a  BRIO world is to buy a complete set. Then you  get a good foundation for a world that you  can  easily expand by using rails, trains and  accessories. And  depending on your mood  and desires, you can immediately start  visiting  exciting destinations in your  imagination. Let  the game begin! 


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Classic Freight Set

Product no.: 33010

Classic Freight Set 33010. A classic freight set for thats been around for a while. Compatible with BRIO’s classic wooden railway.  Ages 2+


Little Forester Starter Train

Product no.: 33042

Little Forest Set 330422. Lets go. We have a Forest Train to catch. Its  fully compatible with all BRIO’s classic railway sets & accessories. Ages 3+


Classic Figure 8 Set

Product no.: 33028

Classic Figure 8 Set 33028. Starter set for the 2 year + child. Take the classic inspired engine on an adventure along the tracks.

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Freight Ship & Crane Wagon

Product no.: 33534

Container Ship and Crane Wagon 33534. Sail the high seas with this 4 piece shipping set. Boat, multi function crane & two loads. Ages 3+



Train Passenger Pack

Product no.: 33309

Brio Trains. Train Passenger Pack. The suitcase is packed & the passengers are looking forward to their journey ahead!


Freight Goods Station

Product no.: 33280

Freight Goods Station 33280.  Lift load off with the arm,  drop onto chute,  press button,  it slides down onto truck, Ages 3+

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Parking Garage

Product no.: 33204

BRIO TRAINS. Parking Garage. The world of rail & road together in this unique parking garage with multiple levels of fun! Vehicles included


Collapsing Bridge

Product no.: 33391

Collapsing Bridge 33391. The train getting closer to the bridge, unaware it is about to collapse! Press the red button & watch. Ages 3+


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Low Level Crane

Product no.: 33245

Low Level Crane 332145. The solid crank & built-in magnet lift create opportunities for many lifting & loading games.

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Railway Starter Pack A

Product no.: 33773

Railway Starter Set A 33733. Everything you need to build and play with your first BRIO railway. Then add Starter Track Pack B. Ages 3+

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Metro Railway Set

Product no.: 33513

Metro Railway Set 33513.This metro railway set takes children into a world of play that they recognize from reality. Light & Sound. Ages 3+




Central Fire Station

Product no.: 33833

Fire Station 33833. Are you ready for action. When the alarm goes, slide down to the fire truck, Lights & Siren on & Go! Ages 3+


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Starter Track Pack B

Product no.: 33394

Starter Track Pack B 33394. Combine Railway Starter Pack A & Track Pack B, you can now build many different layouts. Ages 3+

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Travel Switching Set

Product no.: 33512

Travel Switching Set  33512. Mega Set . 42 pieces including 2 trains, elevated rail section, Station & Bridge. Ages 3+

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Lifting Bridge

Product no.: 33757

Lifting Bridge 33757.  Turn the handle to lift the bridge. Now the boat can pass, lower the bridge & trains can travel over. Ages 3+

1 - 15 of 45 results